our history

Founding a new business in 2020 has proved an interesting challenge! With all our ducks in a row, we found the quacking ceased as the coughing began. But never mind all that now, lets take a look at our first twelve months :)


World In Disarray

In The Land Of No Toilet Roll The Man Who Eats Red Meat Is King.

Whilst Covid-19 is doing it's best to spoil all the fun, we have a name! Kanso Agency soft launches with the first item on the agenda being to build out our core platforms.

Web applications will be coded using the Symfony framework, whilst our website solution will involve developing an application layer to sit above Drupal 9.

Shop Window
A Range Of Great Products To Meet Any Occasion

Build Tests Are Green For Our Core Website Offering.

After a couple of months R&D and several hours of fine tuning, we are hitting 100% across the board according to Google site audit (Lighthouse).

Performance, Best Practices and SEO targets are being smashed out the park for both Mobile and Desktop, plus the platform is super easy to work with. Very pleased to put my name to this :)

From here on, every site we build will be on our shiny new Meraki platform. A significant step towards client rollout and a good day in the history of Kanso!


Ports Are Struggling

And The People Are Still Coughing.

But thankfully none of that matters, as we have a glorious new website from which to showcase the quality of our work, the expertise of our team and the performance of our technology!

So give that mouse and keyboard a fresh squirt of sanitiser and take a moment to soak it all in (both the website and the sanitiser).