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To fifteen years and beyond

I have been in the web development business for over fifteen years always at either senior and management level. For the majority of this time I led the technical arm of an award winning agency whose client roster included Microsoft, NHS, BP and Experian.

My focus has always been on delivering exceptional platforms for b2b businesses ranging from mid-sized companies through to global corporates (and the occasional well funded startup). Whilst the technology underpinning the web is my personal passion, it is through the combined efforts of myself and a handful of truly exceptional designers, that our work and your business comes to life.

Looking further back, I began writing software for the architectural world in a country which, at that time, was in the early stages of broadband rollout. Realising the enormous potential of high bandwidth connectivity, my software was an early adopter of an approach latterly referred to as cloud computing.

Business great and small

More than a web developer, I understand business and the need for robust, rigorously tested business critical applications. Which is how I came to develop data analysis tools for all the leading Pharma companies Pfizer, Astra Zeneca et al.

But my world isn't just about impossibly tiny rows of text in a language few understand, I've been fortunate to be involved in the creative pursuits throughout my life through Architecture, Music and Design. These artistic pursuits are woven into the fabric of Kanso.

Making time and working collaboratively

I'll always make time for a chat and I'm happy to disseminate my knowledge at a level which is appropriate to you whether layman or guru. I'm here to answer questions not confound!

More than happy to sit down and walk through your thoughts and ideas just ping me a line. We don't have a sales team, the only people you talk to are the creatives who work on your projects.

Wayne Ashley

Wayne Ashley