internet explorer is going outside and may be some time

Wayne Ashley, Founder
Wayne Ashley

May 2021 • 1 minute read

Happy days! Internet Explorer 11 is set to take a long nap as of the 15th June 2022 and in doing so, will finally bring to a close the chapter in my web developer life entitled It Doesn't Work In [...] IE.

Back when I started out in web development Internet Explorer was the big player in desktop browsers, and with each iteration it felt that Microsoft was diverging further and further from any formally or informally agreed consensus as to how a browser should respond to a given snippet of code.

By the time I was working with IE6, the problem was becoming so acute that it wasn't uncommon to see additional styling being loaded just to accommodate the idiosyncrasies of each major version.

Whilst you would be forgiven for thinking that web development is a science, in a world riddled with archaic browser technology and companies looking to claim the browser sphere as their own, science was superseded by faff.

Moving on

So roll the clock forward and here we are, Microsoft developed Edge (which itself is now underpinned by Google Chromium), and all the browser companies work to ensure continuity between their offerings through agreed standards (at least with the critical stuff). Life for a web developer is finally rainbows and lollipops! Almost.

Like the smell of the family dog when wet, some continue to love the familiarity of IE even as the rest of us are reaching for a window.

By no means should we be comparing development for Internet Explorer 11 to the pain of previous versions, but all the same the news that it will soon be taking that final visit to the vet, is good news for us all.

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