kanso agency launch

Wayne Ashley, Founder
Wayne Ashley

Mar 2021 • 40 second read

Granted I accept that there are bigger events in world news at the moment, but on a purely personal level, it is such a joy to finally be able to announce that, after the extended-editor-cut of a disaster movie which was 2020, Kanso agency is finally here :)

Along the way we have developed a shiny new platform onto which every one of our client websites is underpinned. An application layer built on top of the enterprise Drupal 9 solution, Meraki is the collective result of countless tweaks, improvements and new features over the standard codebase.

Months of behind the scenes work has gone into delivering a super easy and super flexible solution for all manner of business size. Meraki is simply put, the best platform I have ever delivered in fifteen years within the industry.

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