promoting personality

The big, the bold and the beautiful.

Our design agency clients come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own personality to convey through our expert designers and web developers. Our team have worked with every kind of business from feisty startups to respected institutions, consistently delivering the kind of high quality marketing tools your sales team will love.

Break out the big guns.

Nothing quite inspires confidence like a recognisable brand. Local, national or global, Kanso Design Agency brings the same level of detail and professionalism to every design project.

Launch like you mean it.

Sadly not every client is an established household name, sometimes we're required to work for our money! Never more so than when presented with a well funded startup. We love the underdog, the sector distruptors, the inventors and the analysers.

High quality branding, presentation and digital services will help inspire confidence in your messaging, as we look to maximise your ROI.

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