cookie policy

What are cookies

A cookie is a small piece of text sent to your browser by a website you visit. The cookies on this site do not store any personalised information directly. 

Why do we use them

We use cookies to collect aggregate statistical information on the number of users accessing the website and how they use it. This analysis includes how the website is accessed, duration of visit, frequency and pages viewed.

From this information we create reports to improve the website. The software that we use is provided by Google Analytics.

Manage my cookies

Below you will find an outline of the cookies used on this website with the ability to enable/disable the optional cookies should you choose to do so.

Name Domain Party Status Control
_ga, _ga_TFTB8PJDHS first optional

Two first-party cookies which work in conjunction to anonymously distinguish users for the collection of site metrics (eg. average time on site). These cookies are issued by this website and only this website can read them.

SSESS first required

This cookie enables the site to store per user data necessary for the website to function. It collects data such as whether you are a site administrator.