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Transition to the cloud effortlessly

From booking systems to project management tools, complex calculations to third-party integrations; take any aspect of your business, whether for public consumption or internal use, and move it onto the cloud.

Orchestrating your business logic

More than just a web agency, Kanso takes your business and moves it online. To help achieve this goal we use an industry leading open source framework called Symfony.

Fast as a whip, Symfony underpins a dizzying array of websites and online applications, you're likely coming into contact with Symfony components every time you browse online and as such, the developer community is vast.

Not all web agencies offer separate packages for websites and web applications, leading to the adage "When all you've got is a hammer, everything looks like a nail."

Kanso recognises the distinction and will always offer the best tool for the job; the results are superior products delivered on-time and to-budget.

More than code on the server

Whether you’re looking to improve a process internally or externally, Kanso are here to provide solutions with longevity. Reach out to us to discuss what is possible.

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