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The world of digital marketing in a nutshell

Any journey into marketing begins with the question where are my target audience. Once upon a time reasonable answers to such an enquiry might include TV, Radio, Paper/Magazine, or staring out of a window whilst being shuttled from point A to point B.

So advertising was expensive and complex as the medium by which you reached your audience was across several formats. But that was then and this is now, and in our brave new world, we no longer turn on, tune in and drop out, instead our audiences are held captive by smart phones, tablets and laptops.

Digital marketing is the moniker under which we advertise to anyone with internet access and, whilst a potentially confusing array of options exist, it has never been easier to target just the right audience at just the right time.

Email campaigns

With an existing client base email comms are the perfect driver to repeat customer engagement, whether building rapport, cementing existing relationships or introducing new product lines, email remains a valuable, low cost solution for advertising at scale.

Kanso can manage all aspects of your digital communications from client lists to event-driven subscriptions, multi-faceted campaigns and template creation.

Social media

Building a successful social media presence boils down to finding an authentic and engaging voice for your business, striking the right note of informality and pushing only that content which is likely to chime with platform-specific audience segmentations.

For some it comes as naturally as falling off a bike, for the majority we are here to help.


Finally something for free! Every site we push live is audited with Google to ensure the highest standards Search Engine Optimisations are being met as standard. Detailed analytical data is collected for every site visit and we are more than happy to work with your marketing team in assessing areas for focus or how we might tweak the site as your business targets shift over time.

PPC (Pay Per Click) is means of reaching your audience in a manner akin to an advert in the printed press, guaranteed exposure for those with the deepest wallets PPC can be a necessary evil in a crowded marketplace, but with the right agency behind you, costs can be kept in check.

Kanso create and manage PPC campaigns across numerous platforms with monthly reporting back to our clients.

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